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DNS Configuration

Log in to Namecheap. You should see Your-Domain, the domain you created but if you don't, select Domain List from the left menu. Click on MANAGE. Then select Advanced DNS.

Click inside the Value of the CNAME Record and substitute Your-Domain for 'parkingpage.namecheap.com'. It should only be the domain name, like biggestwebsurfer.com.

Delete the 'URL Redirect Record' by pressing the trash can icon for that line.

Click the ADD NEW RECORD button. You are going to make the HOST RECORDS look like this:


After you click ADD NEW RECORD, select A Record and fill it in to make it look like the example. Remember to use Your-IP. Continue doing the two CAA Record lines, but use Your-Domain where the email domain is and letsencrypt.org in the other record. Here are some enlarged pics of the columns in this example:

Type host


''letsencrpyt.org'' and ''mailto:admin@major.tools'' are surrounded by double-quotes.


When you are satisfied with the input, click SAVE ALL CHANGES and log out of Namecheap.


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